Metal 3D Printing

Item No.: R-00001
We will provide fast 3D products in metal
  Maximum forming size of the whole piece:
80-3000 tons
product material:

PET (transparent); POM; PC (transparent, opaque, medical, fireproof), PC+GF; PBT, PBT+GF; PA6, PA6+GF; PA66, PA66+GF; PPA, PPA+GF; PPS; PMMA ; PPSU; SAN ABS (transparent, fireproof), ABS+anti-UV, ABS+GF; PC+ABS (general, medical, fireproof, high-gloss grade); PP (transparent, opaque), PP+GF; PE (transparent, opaque, +PE modified); GPPS (transparent); HIPS (natural, modified); ABA (transparent); TPU (transparent, opaque, various hardness); TPE (transparent, opaque, various hardness)
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